“Wonder is an essential ingredient if life is to be made livable. Wonder is the cure — the cure for life-killing boredom. Wonder is the drug — the natural drug without which people may turn to narcotic drugs. Sure, most people bravely soldier on without wonder, and even do so without drug addictions and self-destructive behavior. But is that the point of life? To soldier on long after the thrill of living is gone? That’s not life — that’s life with all the wonder crushed out of it and compressed to mere existence. Wonder is what we’ve lost. Wonder is what we miss. Wonder is what we want. Wonder is our hidden Narnia into which we long to step and explore.”

~ Brian Zahnd (contemporary American pastor, author, and would-be mountaineer, in Beauty Will Save the World)

Are you aching for wonder in your daily life? Step outside into the sparkle of a rain-drenched garden. Meander along a stepping stone path under a cathedral of stately Dawn Redwood trees. Sit on a boulder and watch a hummingbird sipping the sweetness from an Azalea blossom. There is wonder in the grand vistas of mountain ranges sweeping to the edge of the horizon, but there is also wonder in the intimate garden setting just outside your door. Can we restore the wide-eyed wonder you long for by bringing beauty within reach of your everyday experience? We’d be delighted to help! 717-653-1273

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& wonder seeker)