Snow-white clouds scudding across skies of intense blue; Goldenrods dancing in the afternoon sunshine to the tempo of a gentle breeze; fuzzy orange Wooly Bears scuttling across roadways . . . . Nature is hinting that autumn glory is just around the corner. And soon, God will flick His paintbrush and splashes of orange, red, and gold will appear on hillsides, in meadows, in our own gardens. Without a doubt, the radiant splendor of autumn will soon be here and we will be wishing that October lasted five months instead of just one!

I have an idea for prolonging the colors of autumn for at little longer: This October, when the trees in your garden or a nearby park are flaunting their glorious colors, pack a picnic lunch, rally the kids (or grandkids), and head outside for a leaf-collecting adventure. Bring home the leaves you gather and place them between the pages of the phone books you keep forgetting to recycle. In November, as you set your Thanksgiving table, bring out the leaves and scatter them across your table for a spectacular second showing of autumn’s extravagant colors!

Gladly shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& avid leaf gatherer)