The refreshment and sensory delight of falling water is undeniable, whether it be a trickle into a stone basin or a stream-fed, swim-in waterfall. Growing up as he did in the jungles of a tropical island in the Philippines where jungle streams and waterfalls were his playground, James Hanselman takes great joy in bringing the experience of falling water into the lives of his clients. Maybe you need this refreshment in your daily lives, not only in the heat of summer, but all year long!

Shared with delight by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& fan of falling water)

A variety of inspiring “falling water” options are available from the design/build team at Hanselman Landscape. Examples shown are a Japanese-style tsukubai, a Costa Rican vacation-inspired waterfall, and a church courtyard water garden, Lancaster and Manheim, PA.