Caring clients and crew members understand and “buy into” the value of attention to detail in all facets of garden creation–from design and installation to long-term garden maintenance. While high-quality craftsmanship is crucial when designing and building a garden, it is equally important after the garden is installed. Our people recognize that regular garden maintenance is necessary for the long-term health, growth, and beauty of their garden investment and will do the work to increase the ROI.

We can’t overemphasize the necessity of regular garden maintenance. Not only do these visits enable our team members to manage plant growth, they also provide opportunities for our team to monitor plant health. While team members are in a garden pruning and shaping plants, they keep watch for plant pests and diseases so as to “nip them in the bud” before devastating outbreaks occur.

Please contact us (717-653-1273) to find out how we can manage and monitor your garden elements to keep your investment growing in beauty and value for the increased delight and well-being of those who spend time there. We’d love to share our garden “care-acter” with you and bring joy to your garden!

Gladly shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& grateful recipient of daily garden joy)