In addition to clients who care, we are privileged to attract caring people to our team. When Pete Dymond, the general manager at Hanselman Landscape, interviews our crew members, he is consistently impressed with their “care-acters”. Not only are they caring individuals; they also value working in a caring environment where consideration for clients, gardens, and other team members is a daily experience.

In recent conversations with team members about our strengths, Pete was pleased to hear the following: “Our strength is our level of caring.” “We care about each other.” “We pay close attention to details.” “We don’t take shortcuts.” “We do what we say and do it right.” “We are like a family–it feels warm to work here!”

While some faces have changed, this photo taken at a company picnic is representative of the caring and conscientious people our company “care-acter” attracts.

Gratefully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& privileged member of this caring group)