In memory of Pat, our dear friend, mentor, and first client, we gifted Amaryllis bulbs this Christmas. Pat especially liked red flowers. Brilliant, Cardinal-red Amaryllis blooms seemed a beautiful way to honor him.

It truly has been a delight to watch the shoots and then the flowers appear in blazing color on my window sill, against the rather colorless winter background outside. And all with no help from me, other than placement in a sunny location!

Aren’t plants wonderful, in all of their amazing varieties, colors, and textures?

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& happy Amaryllis owner!)

While we don’t sell Amaryllis bulbs, perhaps we can plant some vibrant color in your garden this year. Interested? Please give us a call–we specialize in bringing joy to gardens (and their owners) all across south-central Pennsylvania, and beyond.