Evaluate the designer’s perspective

An experienced garden designer should be able to competently “listen” to the site. In other words, a good designer will thoughtfully and skillfully consider several parameters: the natural state and boundaries of the site, the norms of the surrounding community, the aesthetics of your home’s design, your preferences and dreams, and your budget.

Look to your designer to answer the following questions in a way that makes sense to you:

  • How will this landscape design look from inside the house (through a window vs. from the street)?
  • Will your garden be viewed as you “walk-through” or as a “picture” from one setting?
  • Will the structures and spaces be the right size and type for your needs?
  • How will rainwater move through the garden and keep your home dry?
  • What will this garden look like in 10 years or more? Will it keep its value and beauty?
  • How will the landscape appear in each season?
  • What are the costs involved and how can they be managed over time?

The answers to these questions should provide helpful insight as you determine the suitability of the designer to your proposed project.

Contributed by James Hanselman

Garden designer, Hanselman Landscape

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These photos show what can be done with similar materials in two very different garden settings when entrusted to the creative and careful design/build/maintain team at Hanselman Landscape.