Interview the prospective design partner

Stellar references are the hallmark of a trusted designer. In addition, ask to see examples of projects completed in the past. If you have time, in-person visits are best, but you can learn from a series of photos as well. Look specifically for gardens that have matured over the years. Are the plants maturing beautifully, showing good selection and careful tending? What is the condition of the hardscape surfaces, such as pavers, stones, and bricks?

Consider it a red flag if you are only shown examples of newly-installed gardens or referred to only recent clients.

Shared by James Hanselman

Garden designer, Hanselman Landscape

This photo shows a Lancaster County garden that has been thriving and meeting the needs of its owners for more than 10 years, thanks to the creativity and craftsmanship of the design/build/maintain teams at Hanselman Landscape.

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