If you are an artist like Betsy, you will not likely find scope for imagination and visual refreshment if the view outside your studio window is a haphazard collection of scrub bushes, concrete, dirt, and weeds. It was her need for artistic inspiration and a visit to Japan that led Betsy to seek garden builders that would realize her dream for a restful, beautiful space within the confines of the tiny, fenced-in courtyard outside her studio. It was the creative vision of designer James Hanselman and the exquisite craftsmanship of Ben Hanselman and Bob Lichty that were able to fill the space with the inspiration, serenity, and refreshment Betsy now enjoys from her studio and revels in daily.

I invite you now to compare the uninspiring “before” shot with the “after” images which reflect the transformation brought about with the creative vision, skillful craftsmanship, and intense dedication of the Hanselman Landscape team. (Join me after Thanksgiving for glimpses of the process by which Betsy’s unique, Japanese-inspired “nobedan” patio took shape.)

Shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& grateful VP)