“Timeless thoughts of a winter’s stare;
eyes gazing over a landscape bare.
Memories drift on a blustery breeze;
dying light ushers in the freeze.
Future unknown, outcome uncertain;
brilliance shadowed by a drawn curtain.
Path now set, laid before me known;
closing light now emanating from home.
Enter my homestead, heart filled with glee;
two eyes of the future peering upward at me.
Trusting in him to forge forward until fulfilled;
Basis of strength, values I have instilled.
A wary mind at last permitted to rest;
reflecting on the realization of how I am blessed.”
~ Michael A. Barron, Winter’s Epiphany

As you reflect on the year that was and count your blessings, may you also rejoice in the possibilities of the path ahead! We appreciate your friendship and wish you joy in your garden in the coming year!

~ James and Betty Hanselman,
For the entire Hanselman Landscape team

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