“Through the trees that ring the pond the sky shows in moving patches of blue and white. Clouds passing overhead let the sunlight through intermittently, and as the landscape brightens and dulls it seems to twist and bend, expanding and contracting into pools of light and shadow. Now the sun is out and a soft light filters down through layers of translucent new maple leaves. . . . Waves of light ripple off the water, shimmer up the stones, the trunks and branches of trees, rising in endless waves as if returning to the sun.

Everything about this place seems to belong here. The water that slips out from the shadows of the forested hillside at the back and pools before running on to the river below . . . . All of these seem not to be separate elements fitted together in one place, but rather elements that are very much of the place. Born of it, nurtured by it, at one with it. Complete.”

~ Marc Peter Keane, from The Art of Setting Stones & Other Writings from the Japanese Garden

If you are craving the tranquility and delight of a garden that integrates harmoniously with its surroundings, we invite you to talk to us: 717-653-1273. Our designers and craftsmen take pleasure in bringing joy and serenity into the daily experiences of our many clients through the creation of beautiful gardens, as they did in this Central Pennsylvania residential garden.