Japanese gardens weave wild horticultural beauty with elemental materials into the fabric of life on a human scale in surprisingly diverse applications. To visit gardens in Japan is to experience exceptional grace in cultivated living spaces; these gardens are treasured components of private residences and public places. As art, the Japanese garden expresses a poet’s longing for natural scenes with a painter’s framing and presentation of view. As function, the Japanese garden is space for interaction with the natural environment within the concept of home. As horticulture, plants are carefully selected and pruned to serve the proscribed vision.

The Japanese garden culture and aesthetic taste has been nurtured by centuries of deliberate value and support. The determination to fund and do the hard work of garden care makes this tradition exceptional. The resulting refined system of garden living can improve homes and communities throughout the world as naturally as in its country of origin.

~ Contributed by James Hanselman,

Gardener (& Japanese garden designer)