A 2021 study from research scientist, Dr. Rachel Buxton of Carleton University, and researchers from Michigan State University, Colorado State University, and the National Park Service analyzed the outcomes of listening to natural sounds and found that “. . . people who experienced the sounds of nature felt decreased pain, lower stress, improved mood and enhanced cognitive performance. The sounds of water were most effective at improving positive emotions and health outcomes, while bird sounds combat stress and annoyance.”

I can attest to the findings of this study! As often as possible, from May through September, I sit outdoors in our garden breakfast nook enjoying the jubilation of water and sunlight splashing together in the nearby tsukubai and the cheerful chirps and chatter of birds at the feeder or in the trees surrounding our home. Here is where I awaken to the symphony of sounds, colors, textures of nature. Here is where I breathe deeply and rest my soul before stepping into the demands of the day. Here is where I find peace.

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& “sounds of nature” celebrant)