After commissioning Hanselman Landscape to tackle the steep slope behind their home, Heinz and Eva saw the importance of protecting their garden investment with regularly-scheduled maintenance visits. Because of their forward-thinking perspective and the value they place on their garden, Heinz and Eva began a maintenance agreement with Hanselman Landscape. Since the creation of the hillside garden, Pete Dymond and the HL maintenance team have been there throughout the year to prune and mulch, while Sean Kramer has monitored and treated pest activity and diseases—nurturing the beautiful space Heinz and Eva treasure.

A continuing commitment to regular care will ensure that your garden investment continues to grow in beauty and value into the future. Our future-thinking maintenance teams are the right craftsmen for the healthcare needs of your garden. Give us a call to find out how: 717-653-1273.

Shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& garden care advocate)