To move or not to move—that is often the question as family size changes and retirement approaches. For Heinz and Eva, moving and downsizing was the original plan. However, their comfortable Lancaster County home suited their needs for community and location near family. So when Heinz and Eva finally decided to retire in their current home, they chose to create a backyard oasis where daily relaxation and refreshment would be the hallmarks of their retirement years.

Seeking guidance, they again turned to the design team at Hanselman Landscape. For over a decade, Heinz and Eva had been partnering with Hanselman to develop a three-dimensional plan which initially turned a steep bank behind their house into a hillside garden. Betty Hanselman remembers her first phone conversation with Eva in the early 2000s. Eva had explained, “We have a very steep bank behind our house bordered by an ugly wall. My husband and I want to make steps to the top and landscape it so that it is beautiful to look at from our windows. Every landscaper we have asked so far does not want to attempt this project. Can you help us?” Betty assured Eva that James Hanselman enjoyed challenges and would be happy to take a look. Apparently, the difficulties of the site did not deter the Hanselman brothers and their creative team; they designed and built a beautiful, terraced garden into the hillside no one else would touch.

Do you have a garden challenge no one else will to tackle? Give our “think-outside-the-box” designers a chance to solve your issues. Their ingenuity will surprise you!

Gladly shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& hillside garden admirer)