Following the decision to retire in their treasured setting, Heinz and Eva asked the Hanselman Landscape team to tailor new ways for them to experience their beautiful outdoor space with a few retirement-appropriate modifications: no grass to mow, a hot tub to relax in, a tsukubai water feature, and a Hanselman-crafted fenced entry to provide privacy from the street.

“We are outdoor people,” Eva explains. “Now we have a kind of outdoor living room. Just the other day we were in the hot tub with our grown children, and then we all sat and enjoyed drinks by the fire pit. Our friends say we don’t need to take vacations anymore, because we have it all in our own back yard!”

Eva continues, “We spend more time out here than we ever did before. You can see why! I can’t wait for summer to enjoy the space more often. I imagine sitting in the shade of the beautiful new Japanese Maple while my grandson plays on the patio.”

Heinz and Eva are both surprised at the difference the whole project has made. According to Eva, “The patio, hot tub and garden together has created new opportunities to use the same backyard. It’s absolutely what we dreamed, which confirms that the decision to stay here and remodel was our best choice.”

As in Heinz and Eva’s case, a phased approach allows homeowners to achieve high-quality garden spaces in a financially feasible way. Beginning with an overall design that will serve as a guide for the entire garden plan, garden additions can be incorporated over time in order of importance, as budget allows. If this phased approach appeals to you and your budget, we invite you to partner with us to realistically bring your garden dreams to life.

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Shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& phased approach beneficiary)