“I have a garden of my own,

Shining with flowers of every hue;

I loved it dearly while alone,

But I shall love it more with you. . . .”

~ Thomas Moore (19th century Irish poet; 1779-1852)

Even before James and I nurtured a garden of our own, we found ways to share garden experiences with others. I still remember sharing a hot summer day at Longwood Gardens with my 95 year-old grandmother, Ada, more than 30 years ago. James pushed her in her wheelchair along flowered paths and through sun-dappled treeways, stopping frequently to let her examine an unfamiliar bloom or plant. He even lifted her (chair and all!) up a long flight of steep stairs so we could explore the gardens above the waterfall. The sparkle in her eyes when we reached the top was ample reward for his efforts. Gardens are best when shared!

Now that we have garden spaces of our own, we take delight in strolling them together almost every evening at twilight, or watching our granddaughters jump from stone to stone along the path through our “Redwood cathedral”, or enjoying firefly fireworks in the dark with our out-of-state guests unfamiliar with this dazzling summer spectacle. How grateful we are for a garden to share!

Whether you have a large garden, a small garden, or no garden at all, there are many ways to share garden experiences with others. (Hey, even a hike in God’s great big garden counts!)

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman

Gardener’s wife (& grateful garden sharer!)

At Hanselman landscape, we take incredible delight in the creation of gardens that draw families and friends outdoors, into the discovery and play waiting around every turn, beneath every tree–in every season of the year. Are you ready to share some natural beauty with your loved ones and friends in your own garden oasis? Give us a call (717-653-1273) and let the “shared garden joy” begin!