“There is something about the garden today that makes it appear unusually solid . . . . The pines are lush with dark needles, the moss deep and verdant . . . even the shadows of the gray lichened stones hug the ground like patches of thick, dark carpet. Into that solidarity, a plum tree casts its spent blossoms. Each time the wind gusts, a puff of pink-white dots gushes like confetti, floats briefly on the current of air, drifts, then pools neatly on the moss around the bases of trees and the garden rocks. If the pines and stones are solid, then the cascades of plum blossoms are liquid, and when they scatter, the garden seems more like river than terra firma.”~ Marc Peter Keane (American landscape architect and author, based in Kyoto, Japan; 1958 – ) Ephemeral, fragile petals juxtaposed against solid, enduring rocks . . . a beautiful garden portrait that mirrors real life. Shared by Betty HanselmanGardener’s wife

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