For many Japanese, the boundaries of their home extend beyond the walls of the house to the privacy plantings at the edges of their properties. Other Japanese find ways to incorporate beautiful plantings and boulders into tiny courtyard enclosures within or right next to their houses or places of business.

Hanselman Landscape prioritizes this concept in the gardens they design and build, whether residential or commercial; they strive to enclose their clients homes and offices in garden oases of natural beauty, privacy, and tranquility so that every day–not just on weekends– their clients are able to escape, unwind, and find rest.

Are you seeking a retreat from the stress of an increasingly clamoring and fast-paced world? Please call us: 717-653-1273. It will be our privilege to surround you with the daily joy and peace of a lovely garden–at home and at work! Shared by Betty Hanselman Gardener’s wife (& garden oasis beneficiary)