TINY COURTYARD GARDEN DELIVERS ENORMOUS DELIGHT! Immense joy is a daily experience for Rich and Kris ever since they chose to transform the problem area just outside their front door into an exquisite water garden. They can hardly believe the tranquility and loveliness of this space they used to avoid.“This beautiful garden invites me to take time out–to sit and rest awhile,” smiles Kris. “Even when I am working in the kitchen, I can hear the water splashing onto the rocks. I never get tired of it!” A garden bench now sits adjacent to the garden, where Kris reads and recharges on temperate mornings, and where she and Rich often linger and catch up at day’s end. According to James Hanselman of Hanselman Landscape, “This project was a joy for all of us! And it came about because Rich and Kris trusted us, even though the ideas we proposed were bigger than they imagined possible. Their trust gave us the freedom to be creative.”How may we transform your living spaces–small or large–so that joy and peace are part of your daily experience?Read more: https://www.hanselmanlandscape.com/…/small-space-delivers-e…/~Joyfully shared by Betty HanselmanGardener’s wife (& awestruck eye witness)