If you have invested in a garden, it makes sense to stretch your enjoyment of the garden beyond the daylight hours. Landscape lighting is an efficient way to expand the usability of your garden, while highlighting special features and creating a soft, intimate ambiance in the same space. In your garden, landscape lighting installed by our skillful team will:

Extend the enjoyment—Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your garden into the night, and opens a new way to experience the same environment. Well-planned lighting heightens intimacy and ambiance, and no glare interrupts your view. In the words of one long-term client, “You can see faces, but you can also see stars!”

Enhance the security—Safety and reliability are hallmarks of the lighting solutions we provide. Changes to walks, such as steps and turns, are natural reasons to illuminate your garden so that your family members and guests feel comfortable and confident as they move through your outdoor spaces late into the evening.

Ensure the performance—Using heavy-duty cast bronze fixtures and securely-soldered connections with stainless steel transformers, our technicians assure the long life and reliable performance of the lighting systems we install.

If you would like to upgrade your garden with subtle and carefully-installed night lighting, please let us know by calling 717-665-1273. We’d be delighted!

Contributed by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& joyful light-bearer)