I came to where the river
Ran over stones;
My ears knew
An early joy.
And all the waters
And all the streams
Sang in my veins
That summer day.
~ Theodore Roethke (in The Waking)

It’s true! The joyful song of water over rocks refreshes, soothes, and delights! Home and business owners are discovering that adding water features to their residential or commercial gardens introduces the sensory thrill of falling water into their everyday lives. Depending on available space and budget, garden water features can be on a grand scale (such as remodeling a swimming pool to include a waterfall) or on a much smaller scale (adding a Japanese tsukubai in a quiet corner of a courtyard, for example). Regardless of size and scope, a well-planned and carefully installed water garden is sure to invite joy into a garden and into the daily experience of everyone who happens to pass by!

We’d love to deliver the splash and play of water to your garden, too! To get started, give us a call: 717-653-1273.

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& “water music” enthusiast)