In a recent article, Houzz Magazine looks at several home design trends that have emerged, based on the way people used their homes during the Covid pandemic. For example, in response to “technopherence” (the interference of technology in personal relationships during the lockdown), there was an escalation in the perceived need for experiences in beautiful, natural spaces.

Kent Martinussen, CEO of the Danish Architecture Center, notes, “The pandemic accelerated, almost like a rocket, our use of digital communication for work, education, shopping and leisure. Digitally and socially overwhelmed and isolated in a confined physical space, we quickly began to desire the experiences — and understand the value — of public spaces and contact with nature. I have recognized a strong general trend: a desire for nature!”

Martinussen continues, ” . . . we are defined and guided by a general human need and desire for balance between, on one hand, the often fuzzy and immaterial world of our digital life and, on the other hand, being rooted in a world of things that are not artificial: such as wood, bamboo, stones, plants, water and animals, which belong to a realm that we are part of and connected to — nature.”

Houzz Magazine asserts that during lockdowns (and, we think, always!), those who have access to an outdoor space, such as a garden, are the luckiest because they have daily access to natural beauty, fresh air, and a place where they can go to escape and refresh.

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Gladly shared by Betty HanselmanGardener’s wife (& one of “the luckiest”)

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