“Trees are amazing! They take dirt and lift it dozens–sometimes hundreds–of feet into the air and build with it. And the things they build are so beautiful and varied!”

~ James Hanselman

It’s true! Just think of the incredible functions of trees: they are air purification systems; food producers; cooling units; apartment complexes for all manner of birds, insects, and animals; privacy screening; multi-colored, seasonally-changing art displays; children’s playgrounds; wind barriers; erosion controllers; examples of the strength and grace of a firmly-rooted, upward-reaching life. . . .

Because trees are such valuable contributors to joyous living, we encourage you to invest in several this year. Give us a call–we’d be delighted to help you extend the grace and beauty of trees in your garden!

Joyfully shared by Betty Hanselman Gardener’s wife (& life-long tree enthusiast)

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A grove of majestic Dawn Redwoods adds shade and space for hammocks in the hot months of the year.
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Japanese Maples grace any garden with beauty, artistic structure and spectacular fall color.
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As daylight fades, well-placed landscape lighting extends the beauty of this Japanese Maple into the night.