Crafting a Beautiful Garden Q&A: A “New” and Unique Point of View

Client: We are considering updating the exterior of our house to add to its curb appeal. How do you recommend we improve the front-yard landscaping in the process?

Hanselman Landscape: The most common front-yard landscape solution is to decorate the house, creating a facade with foundation plantings to be viewed from the street across the front lawn (as shown in photo, below). This “outside-in” approach prioritizes the perspective of passers-by, and helps to sell homes.

However, when plantings are used in this way–primarily as a stage set–you, the homeowners, receive minimal experiential value from your most-used perspective–your windows. You look from inside your home and see the cars on the street across the lawn. You miss the refreshment of daily interaction with an inspiring garden sanctuary and the peace that comes from privacy.

As garden builders, we recommend improving your front yard landscaping by taking a unique point of view . . . .

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Shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife

The standard approach to landscape design caters to passers-by, as seen below. As demonstrated in the featured image (top), we offer a unique perspective and design our gardens for the ones who are inside, while offering beautiful views for those who may be driving by.

Crafting A Beautiful Garden: A &Quot;New&Quot; And Unique Point Of View Outside In View For Curb Appeal