Success in a garden is from the ground up–literally! The health and beauty of garden plants depend on the soil in which they are planted, so investing in high-quality soil, soil amendments, and the right type of mulch is important and justifiable.

In many locales in Central Pennsylvania, new homes are built on soil that has been depleted of nutrients. This type of soil will inhibit rather than promote plant health. If this is your situation, when you begin to develop your outdoor spaces we advise you to spend the money to add topsoil that is nutrient-rich, loosely textured, and as weed-free as possible. Good topsoil will provide the nutrients plants need, allow for adequate water penetration and drainage, and reduce competition from weeds.

If your garden is already established but not thriving, it may be that a fertilization regimen and an irrigation system will correct the nutritional and moisture deficits. Hanselman Landscape can provide fertilization, irrigation, and weed control to encourage healthy, robust plant growth.

Contributed by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& advocate of nutritious dirt)

This Lancaster County garden view highlights well-nourished, irrigated, and regularly-maintained Boxwoods, Pines, and Japanese Maples. These plants are thriving in good soil and have been mulched with Pine products.