With children in far-flung locations across the continent, we have experienced beauty in a variety of topographies over the years: the arid, Pine-covered sierras and rocky coves of Southern California; the awe-inspiring mountains and glaciers near Anchorage, Alaska; the glorious Maple and Beech forests in full autumn finery in Ontario, Canada . . . .

Yet, each time we’ve returned to our garden in rural Central Pennsylvania we are refreshed by its equally distinctive delights. While not grand in scale or vista, here is an intimacy, a comfortable awareness of beautiful growing things–all within easy reach of eyes, ears, hands . . . . I am reminded that each space we visit or inhabit offers unique value and beauty. In this season when many other opportunities are on hold, with the energy and days God gives us James and I are determined to treasure, nurture, and share the garden that is ours.

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Gratefully shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& home garden “nurturer”)

Stone-and-boulder seating wall and hand-shaped stone patio surround an outdoor breakfast nook, and provide attractive ‘stay-cation’ potential in the warmer months.