Betsy is elated with the finished courtyard. “It is exactly what I envisioned—the distilled elements of everything I loved in Japan. And,” she continues, “It’s just what I need as an artist. Because an artist’s mind is always going—seeing and imagining—it can be chaotic and exhausting. My garden’s beauty and order are very calming, providing an invitation to just “be”. Many mornings, you will find me just sitting on the rock, meditating in the sunshine. And when I am in my studio, the garden extends my workspace and provides so much scope for creativity!”
One of Betsy’s greatest joys has been her husband’s response to her garden: “Although he did not want to be involved in the process or understand the need, I now often catch him just gazing out into the garden, taking in the beauty and calm.” She continues with a smile, “He is realizing what a garden can do for a person’s well being. This garden has brought both of us so much joy!”
Gratefully shared by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& Japanese garden aesthete)
Large boulders, just right for sitting on, invite peaceful contemplation, while an Azalea lends a joyful splash of spring color against an evergreen background that softens the view in all seasons.