…for our local community and the surrounding landscape
Let’s face it, the Summer of 2020 has been HARD. Isolation from loved ones, disappointment over canceled plans, and personal and public strife are just a few of the hardships we have all dealt with in some measure. It is easy to get stuck in the ensuing despair and discouragement . . . . except there is so much good and beauty to be found right where we are, if we choose to see it!
In this season, we are grateful for the good-hearted people in our small town and on the encircling farms; for the hard work evident in the care of creatures and crops by so many of our neighbors; for their dedication to faith and family; for friendly smiles and waves from Amish children in farm lanes as we pass; for the honesty, contentment, and general good will at the core of our rural acquaintances.
What beauty are you seeing in the people and landscapes around you during this time when your focus has narrowed? (Feel free to share in a comment below, if you like.)
Contributed by Betty Hanselman
Gardener’s wife (& perpetual joy seeker)