When planning a garden, vision is essential. Envisioning outdoor living spaces that provide joy and beauty in all seasons is an important first step in crafting a garden.

However, many people who have a great ideas for their garden remain continually frustrated with the results, usually because the garden does not receive the care it needs after it has been installed.

To fulfill a garden vision, garden care is vital. Appropriate care requires knowledge of plant habits and growth rates, and the best plant care techniques. It also requires skilled, experienced eyes and hands to see the potential and then develop valuable plants into works of art. Garden care also takes effort, not just to accomplish the regular tasks of planting, pruning, cutting, and shearing but also to keep on caring. When the desire to care wanes, achieving a noteworthy garden is almost impossible. If you are frustrated by your garden, ask yourself if it is receiving the care it needs. If not, consider ways to restore the health and loveliness you first imagined.

With proper care, the value of your garden investment will increase, as plants grow in size, vigor, and beauty. The returns will be great if you learn how to care for it properly or hire an experienced, knowledgeable, and skillful crew to take care of it for you.

Hanselman Landscape specializes in nurturing gardens across Central and Southeast Pennsylvania; we would be honored to partner with you to realize the garden you first envisioned.

~Contributed by Pete Dymond
Hanselman Landscape Garden Care Specialist