Although the weather is still cold and spring may seem a long way off, there are some garden tasks you can begin now in anticipation of the spring rush in a few months.

PRUNE DECIDUOUS TREES–Without leaves, deciduous trees are easier to prune, since branch structure is clearly visible and more accessible.

CONSIDER ADDING OUTDOOR LIGHTING–Outdoor lighting can highlight the silhouettes of bare trees and evergreens, providing outside interest and a warm welcome during the cold, darker months of the year. (If you want to brighten your outlook, please visit our website and contact us: 717-653-1273!)

CUT DOWN GRASSES–Late winter is a great time to cut down Liriope and ornamental grasses, so that new growth comes up fresh and clean, without the unsightly dead leaves that increase the chance for rot.

Shared by Betty Hanselman Gardener’s wife (& garden steward–even in winter!)