Flower Gardens



According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The earth laughs in flowers.” If you would like to add the joy of flowers to your garden, we have a few suggestions:

Hosta and Azalea woodland walk 1Incorporate flowering trees and shrubs–In addition to low-growing annuals and perennials, consider using flowering trees and shrubs in your garden, since they will bring all-season interest along with greater structure and dimension than their low-growing, transient counterparts. Even evergreens, many of which don’t appear to flower, add lovely year ’round backgrounds against which more colorful flowers will shine.

Urban courtyard garden 1a



Create a natural look–by using drifts of wildflowers or perennials in ways that make sense.





Dahlia terraces

Hydrangeas and annuals

Produce a formal look–by using containers or flower beds for annual or perennial flowering plants.



Make space for a cutting garden–This will enable you to bring the exuberance (and laughter!) of flowers indoors.




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