Irrigation Management



Proper irrigation is crucial to the health of your garden. Hanselman Landscape installs and manages irrigation systems, saving our clients time, money and frustration while keeping their valuable plants vibrant and beautiful.

Dependable efficiency–For most busy professionals, a timed irrigation system is a necessity. The irrigation systems we install will provide the proper amount of water to individual plants or an entire garden. The benefits of labor savings, reliably-accomplished watering chores and healthy plants make the expenditure more than worthwhile.

Flexible conservation–Our systems use much less water than hand watering or sprinklers. State laws even permit our irrigation systems to be used during droughts. The systems we install can be programmed to run during off-peak hours or when no one is home, and can be zoned to compensate for low water pressure. They are fully adjustable, which ensures that plants receive the proper amount of water even as seasons, plant types, soil consistency, slope and exposure vary.

Convenient service–In addition to timed drip-irrigation systems, we install pop-up, overhead irrigation systems for lawns. We also troubleshoot and repair these systems, and can manage them for you. Our oversight ensures that your system runs at maximum efficiency, and that appropriate adjustments are made based on the specific needs of your plants and garden. We also offer spring start-up and winter shut-off services.

Contact Us if you would like the peace of mind our irrigation management services provide.